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Kindertransport ‘Britons’ help today’s child refugees in Calais

Their parents and grandparents were rescued from Nazi Germany, now they are raising money to rescue unaccompanied minors in ‘the Jungle’ British beneficiaries of the Kinder-transport programme, the organised effort to rescue thousands of children from Nazi Germany, have begun raising funds to help the scores of unaccompanied refugee children stranded in Calais. Almost 80 years after Britain sanctioned... 

[Illegal Im]migrants in Calais

Leading British Jews today branded David Cameron’s handling of the Calais migrant crisis “appalling”. In a strongly worded letter they compared the plight of the migrants to that of Jewish refugees who fled Hitler. Two hundred people, including 20 rabbis, signed the letter calling on the Prime Minister to be more sympathetic. The signatories criticised Mr Cameron for using the term “swarms”... 

Cameron lost the 2015 election yesterday

Baroness Warsi (second left) on BBC TV’s ‘Question Time’ with then BNP leader Nick Griffin. Heritage & Destiny August 6, 2014 Baroness Warsi has hitherto been a minor political figure: perhaps the highlight of her career until today was an appearance on BBC Television’s Question Time where she assisted in the general humiliation of then BNP leader Nick Griffin. Yet her departure from David... 

  The crusade against Wonga is in danger of resurrecting the stereotype of the avaricious Jewish moneylender by Brendan O’Neill Something about the moral crusade against Wonga is making me feel uncomfortable. It isn’t the fact that people are criticising a payday loan company; most such outfits are pretty unpleasant and we must be at liberty to ridicule them and take them to task. No,... 

London Police Ask for Right to Discriminate against White Recruits

Posted by TNO Staff— on July 28, 20130 The Metropolitan Police, responsible for law and order in Britain’s capital city London, has officially requested permission from the government to engage in anti-white discrimination in recruitment policies. The request, disguised under the usual anti-white code words of “positive discrimination” has been made to the government because of the overrunning... 

David Hamilton, Culture Wars: To discipline the Devil’s regions, 2013.

Review by Dr Alexander Jacob For those who have an innate love of traditional Britain and are today forced to look on helplessly as they witness the rapid, deliberate and ruthless destruction of the artistic culture of their nation  Read More »

‘Nothing to do with Britain’: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the National Memorial to the Holocaust

James Vaughan – April 6th 2013 The Yom HaShoah 2013 National Commemoration takes place this weekend on Sunday 7 April.  Read More »

  because he’s ‘ignoring’ all the gay animals in his BBC nature documentaries Homosexuality in animal world ‘pretty much everywhere’ By FIONA MACRAE 9 February 2013   Dr Brett Mills says documentary makers are ignoring issue As a result, audience’s view of what is natural is being skewed  Read More »

Odinism and Immigration in the UK

By Jason Pitzl-Waters So here’s a brand-new legal precedent involving modern Pagans that you might not have expected. An American in a relationship with a married British man, and having born his child, was granted the right to stay in the UK on the grounds that she and her child have a “human right to family life.” Here’s the twist, the British man, Alan Caulfield, and his wife Anne-Marie,... 

German rower quits Games over ‘Neo-Nazi’ boyfriend

By Eurosport – Fri, Aug 3, 2012 German rower Nadja Drygalla has left the Olympic village after it emerged that her boyfriend was a far-right extremist.  Read More »
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