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4  July 2013 …Blatant hypocrisy in flap over Charles Krafft   “I love the smell of blood on the snow,” Slovenian rocker Peter Mlakar revealed to Charles Krafft in 1998. “If I could bottle that scent, I’d create a new fragrance for the 21st century and call it forgiveness.” Krafft wasn’t offended by Mlakar’s flippant dismissal of bloodshed as they gazed at the bombed out ruins... 

Thu Jan 3, 2013 By Mike Stathis  There is but one solution. The root cause of this cancer must be extracted. This would be the Jewish Mafia.  Read More »

Disenfranchised White Males: Time for Secession

Kevin MacDonald November 9, 2012 My impression is that in 2008 the mainstream media was basking in the glow of multicultural heaven with the election of Obama.  Read More »

Proudly Bearing Elders’ Scars, Their Skin Says ‘Never Forget’

By Jodi Rudoren September 30, 2012 Mr. Diamant had the same tattoo, the number 157622, permanently inked on his own arm by the Nazis at Auschwitz. Nearly 70 years later, Ms. Sagir got hers at a hip tattoo parlor downtown after a high school trip to Poland. The next week, her mother and brother also had the six digits inscribed onto their forearms. This month, her uncle followed suit. “All my generation... 

Petraeus Resigns From CIA After Feds Uncover ‘Extramarital Affair’

David Petraeus, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has resigned.  Read More »

America’s most senior general warns against rash action on Syria and Iran

The head of the American military has stated that the worst possible outcome of the Syrian civil war would be an “unstable state with all the risks that involves”. General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in the US, pointedly avoided repeating the demands by David Cameron and other Western leaders that Bashar al-Assad must quit to enable the strife to end. General... 

Hypersonic aircraft X-51A WaveRider crashes during test flight

August 16, 2012 – Associated press LOS ANGELES – A closely watched test flight of an experimental aircraft designed to travel up to 3,600 mph ended in disappointment when a part failed, causing the unmanned cruiser to plummet into the Pacific Ocean, the Air Force revealed.  Read More »

Holocaust Fund Scammer Faces 40-Year Sentence

 Courthouse news – June 07, 2012 MANHATTAN (CN) – A Brooklyn woman pleaded guilty to her role in a fraud ring that embezzled $57 million from a group that helps compensate victims of Nazi persecution.  Read More »

Jewish organizations praise Obama on deportation deferment

 JTA – JUNE 15, 2012 WASHINGTON (JTA) — A number of Jewish organizations praised President Obama for deferring the deportation of young illegal immigrants.  Read More »

Christopher Tappin Extradition: ‘My 10 Barbaric Days In US Prison’

 27/04/2012  A retired British businessman extradited to the United States on arms dealing charges almost had a breakdown after 10 “barbaric” days in solitary confinement in a US prison, it was reported.  Read More »
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