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Woman who was dubbed the ‘Angel of Woolwich’ for confronting Lee Rigby’s Muslim killers is detained under Mental Health Act three days after ‘race rant at Tesco pharmacist’

By MIA DE GRAAF 2 July 2014  Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 49, comforted Lee Rigby as he lay dying last May Was praised by Prime Minister David Cameron for her actions in Woolwich Last Friday ‘told black Tesco pharmacist to work in Nigeria not England’ On Monday police detained her under Mental Health Act, reports claim No one has been arrested and the investigation is currently ongoing   A... 

Spain invites descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled 500 years ago to return

By Fiona Govan, Madrid and Robert Tait in Jerusalem 11 Feb 2014 Huge interest among Sephardic Jews worldwide in taking up offer of Spanish citizenship More than five centuries after Spain’s Jews were forced to flee, convert to Catholicism or face execution without trial, their descendants are being invited to return and take up dual citizenship. Spain’s government has approved a draft... 

Rest In Whitewash: Networks Set to Ignore Mandela’s Communist Party Ties

By Tim Graham – December 7, 2013 At the Daily Beast, Michael Moynihan attempted to overcome the tendency of journalists and celebrities to make Nelson Mandela a secular saint. Moynihan recalled that when Margaret Thatcher died, these same people denounced her for here “indulgence” of right-wing dictators like Agosto Pinochet in Chile, who allowed his country to become a democracy. ABC... 

The Minoans were Caucasian:

The Minoan civilisation arose on Crete in the 27th century BC and flourished until the 15th century BC By DAMIEN GAYLE – 16 May 2013  DNA debunks longstanding theory that Europe’s first advanced culture was from Africa.  British archaeologists who in 1900 discovered the Minoan culture believed they were from Libya or Egypt.  Read More »

Scores of Unanswered Questions: Neo-Nazi Terror Cell Still Shrouded in Mystery

  German authorities face scores of questions after the discovery that a neo-Nazi terrorist cell murdered immigrants and robbed banks for over a decade without anyone apparently knowing it existed.  Read More »

Turkish book on Darwin sparks outrage

By Daniel Dombey in Istanbul and Funja Guler in Ankara A series of books for primary schoolchildren, describing Charles Darwin as a Jew with a big nose who kept the company of monkeys and other historical figures in anti-Semitic terms, has caused outrage in Turkey amid fears of rising religious intolerance. A teachers’ union is taking legal action over the distribution of the books last week to... 

Germany -The Accidental Empire

19th September 2012 Germany’s ‘failed’ multiculturalism carries on regardless Debate about immigration habitually falls back to integration of Turkish community, overshadowing real progress at local level One in five people living in Germany now comes from an immigrant background, according to figures released on Thursday. They show that the minority community grew by more than 1.3%... 

German Raid Cracks Down on Neo-Nazis

By Melissa Eddy  – August 23, 2012 About 900 officers carried out the raids across the state, confiscating weapons, computers and other materials, including posters from the far-right National Democratic Party, officials said.  Read More »

EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief

by Brian Wheeler Political reporter, BBC News The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.  Read More »

Why liberals turned a blind eye to the ‘grooming’ of girls

By Ed West –  May 9th, 2012 To understand how a modern liberal will come down on any complicated issue, simply look for a victim. It’s been the case in every major battle of the last 50 years, and it’s an almost infallible guide to Leftist thinking.  Read More »
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