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Rich white liberals getting a taste of multiculturalism

The Northern Suburb residents were the liberals who were fighting to get a multi racial ‘Democracy’ in South Africa, and instead they got a violent, dictatorial, Kleptocacy.

They must bear full responsibility and accept their fate for their evil treachery. Little did they realise that their own evil towards the White Man, will one day come to haunt them! These squatters should not be condemned, but should rather be encouraged to settle on the land of these liberals, who thought that with their money, they can always either flee the country or opt for buying their apartheid behind high tech security with guards outside their homes. Seeing the result of what thery voted for, and not being able to stomach the result, using their wealth, they even started restricting access to their suburbs. The Kleptocratic, rulers soon started to dismantle this dream. Let them now wallow and drown in their own excrement that they so enthusiastically promoted and supported.

I only feel sorry for the small number of innocent victims who are suffering the collateral damage and who fought alongside us to prevent this unholy alliance of the ANC/Broederbond/ Big business dictatorship that is waging a war and oppressing proud White folk.. The rest are receiving their just reward.

2004/06/08 – Northern suburbs being overrun by warlord-ruled, aids-infected squatter army.

Squatters descending in large numbers to sign up for planned low-cost housing in ‘Cosmo City’

. Received from a Censorbugbear in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs:


I live in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. We are being invaded by large numbers of (Aids-infected: see statistics below) squatters, many from the rest of Africa, who live divided into ethnic groups, firmly ruled by ANC-run tribal warlords…

Squatter camps have been allowed to establish themselves alongside residential and business properties. As a result of a chaotic administration the low cost housing process is being abused by all and sundry.

. Ratepayers know that many of those squatters have been given houses, which they have then sold.

. As word goes round that a new low cost housing project is to be built they squat in strategic areas in order to be put

.once again….on the housing list. Families use uncles, cousins etc to work the system.

· It is a falacy to claim that the shacks will disappear once the squatters have a house as the shack owners simply sell their shacks to others.

· here are so many illegal immigrants in this area, it seems that the South African ratepayers are being made responsible for the rest of Africa.

COSMO CITY – A huge low cost housing area is planned North of Sandton to be known as ‘Cosmo City’ Already squatters are moving into surrounding areas and the premier of Gauteng has stated that the project “Will go ahead”.

· Local residents are in a state of panic as they are looking at 150, 000 plus people suddenly being dumped into an area with no job prospects and in which the infrastructure is already overloaded. Roads are already gridlocked.

Naturally the new residents of Cosmo City will require, indeed demand, their free electricity and water. Where this is to come from …well who knows …even if there was the money the infrastructure is just not there.

The Cosmo City land contains three wetlands and the surrounding area is reliant on boreholes, so the contamination will be serious.


· The local residents planned a meeting last week at 7.30p.m on 3/6/2004.

· The squatters and their ANC allies got wind of the planned meeting and 100 and more aggressive squatters turned up at the hall, however they turned up at 7.30am. The situation got rather ugly and the residents decided that their meeting should be postponed.

Once again intimidation and violence achieved the desired result. The entire Northern suburbs will be affected by this huge housing estate, property values have already crashed in certain areas.

Property owners will see their investments not only lost but in many areas the security issues will force residents out.

The ThreeRivers area a few klms from the upmarket Fourways has all but been taken over by squatters as property owners escape from the violence.


· Squatters in that area are divided into ethnic areas and controlled by ‘war lords’.

· The council cannot control squatter areas, the underresourced and demorilized police force cannot cope.

· The law is on the side of the invaders and people who pay local taxes and services have little protection.

· Ratepayers are beginning to understand the process: no longer are any groups thinking it “doesn’t affect them” — as they now realise that as property prices and collectable rates reduce in one area the City will have to charge other areas far more.

Of course the aim is to turn all into ‘mixed area’ – yet these will continue to be run by tribal warlords.

· (Outlined below, she also outlines the recorded, verified Aids statistics for Greater Johannesburg – which also indicate that more than half of these squatters already are Aids-infected.)


Residents are not opposed to housing for the poor, but huge developments in places with little infrastructure and no jobs makes no sense, unless your aim is to destabilise areas.

Border control has been cut back, the army no longer patrols the problem areas. Fences are not maintained and for those millions of illegals who cross the border it is easier to rob, rape and kill than to find a job. Now why would a government allow such a situation, indeed facilitate it unless they mean to destablise the country?


I have given up trying to rationalise this government’s actions.

Frankly the ANC-government’s actions makes no sense unless you view them as some sort of slave masters – protecting and supporting other slave masters in other parts of this unfortunate continent.

As such it is easy to see that the last thing they want are whites:

· They want poor, uneducated masses who they can control.

· After all the elite will still make enough out of the natural wealth of SA and then there are the multinationals who will prop up these sort of governments as long as they get the goods at a good price.

Perhaps the mist is beginning to clear from the eyes of all the ethno-Europeans in this country.

How can we still put a stop to this ongoing destruction of what was once a first world economy?


The following answers were received on 18th April 2002 to questions addressed to the Johannesburg Council on HIV/AIDS and TB infections in the Greater Johannesburg area. The data are from over 250 clinics and are the most accurate sample of infections in the Johannesburg area up to December 2001.

46.5% to 51.5% Aids infection rate in Gauteng:

I did not included the TB infection results but it is estimated that around 40% of those infections are HIV related.

· Southern Metro Local council; Number of tests 1809: No of positive results 932; %positive 51.5

· Northern Metro Local Council; Number of tests 2724; No of positive results 1268; %positive 46.5

· Eastern Metro Local Council; Number of tests 2741; No of positive results 1183; %positive 43.2

· Western Metro Local Council; Number of tests 1332; No of positive results (not available)

The following Projections for RSA based on information and estimates from UNIAD and the World Bank are as follows;

· HIV/AIDS infection Rate – current 5.5 to 7million

· Mortality: + 500 000 p.a. (in 2002) rising to 700.000 p.a. (in 2003)

· Zero population growth by 2003

· Life expectancy: 56/58 years (in 2002) reducing to 42/45 (in 2008)

· Aids orphans: at least 1 million in 2002, NOW rising to 2 million+ by 2005/7

These infection rates for Greater Johannesburg are fact.

To extrapolate the above figures into projections is difficult given that HIV affects fertility – so HIV positive women are less likely to fall pregnant.

Another factor to be considered is that it is not known on what basis the women are tested. Do they test all those women suspected of carrying the virus or do they test randomly ? Whatever the case the figures are far worse than I have seen in any other reports.

I have kept that report on my computer which was sent to me by a friend, who was a local activist.

The aids statistics in December 2001 show a prevalence around 45% in the Gauteng area. I think I am right in saying that surveys have found that fertility levels drop in women who are HIV positive, so it is probable that the actual infection rate was higher than the above results would indicate. It would be interesting to find out just how many M.P’s (or cabinet members) are HIV positive.

I believe they pay a premium to their medical aids and by all accounts there are a significant number paying “top-up” contributions. The reason for writing to you is not just to speculate but to show that the AIDS stats being mooted by various National and International bodies are completely unrealistic. I saw a news report the other day that claimed that grade one pupil numbers are now dropping. This would make sense and in fact that sort of information is far more meaningful than the rubbish being put forward by our popular press. We all know that there are millions of illegal immigrants in SA, this is the only reason that population levels are being maintained. Birth rates and increased death rates would otherwise have shown the true picture.

Frankly I do not know what the Government can do to stop the plague.

· Democracy was probably the worst thing that could ever have happened to the black people in this part of the world.

· Now, a collective culture who have traditionally lived in a feudal situation completely controlled by traditional chiefs must become individuals taking individual responsibility for themselves and their behaviour.

· They must analyse their leaders’ actions and intent and all this in the face of a popular media controlled by their leaders.

· AIDS won’t be stopped — the only thing that will slow the process down is fear.

· When the people see their friends and family dying in increasing numbers they MIGHT change their behaviour. But by that time it’s too late.

In my opinion anti retrovirals will just hasten the process. Drug resistant TB is a fact, before long we will have wide-spread drug resistant HIV.

The virus will mutate and become largely untreatable. The mutated virus will be more virulent.

The only control is self discipline – yet the ‘freedom’ culture and liberal environment has largely negated such ‘old fashioned’ values.

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