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4 Violent Communists Arrested after Mob Attacks Freedom Party-patronized High-Culture Ball in Vienna

JANUARY 31, 2015

Some 54 violent Communist thugs have been arrested by Austrian police following a 5000-strong mass attack which involved pyrotechnics, knives, brass knuckles, and clubs, on an annual European high-culture ballroom event, patronized by leading members of Austria’s Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ).


Considerable damage was also inflicted on property and shops in the Vienna city center as the “anti-racist” mobs then looted and vandalized shops and residences.

The attack by thousands of mostly masked Communist gangs has, not surprisingly, been totally blacked out by the controlled mass media in Europe and America, with the only major news outlet even mentioning the violence being Russia’s RT television service.

Of course, if the attack had occurred the other way around—if nationalists had mass attacked some left-wing social gathering with violent intent, the BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and so on would doubtless have given such an event blanket coverage.

The attack occurred as guests were going to the annual Akademiker Ball at Vienna’s stately Hofburg palace complex in the Austrian capital’s city center. The ball, which takes place every year, has become marked by the Communist extremists because it is attended by the leader and other senior figures from the FPÖ, that nation’s highly successful pro-Austrian party.

A police spokesman confirmed to local Austrian journalists that six officers were injured after being attacked by the violent Communist so-called “anti-fascists.” One of the policemen suffered “acoustic trauma” after having a firework detonated next to his face, while the other officers suffered cuts and bruises from glass and other objects which were thrown at them.

In addition to the 54 arrests, some 150 serious crimes were committed by the Communists, including damage to property, assault, and threatening behavior. Hundreds of items were seized including numerous prohibited weapons, pyrotechnics, brass knuckles, knives, and drugs. Damage in the city center included car tires being slashed and trashcans being overturned.


FPÖ chairman Heinz-Christian Strache issued a press release thanking the police for protecting the public against the Communists.

“For many years, this traditional event has been a target of the left-wing terrorists,” Strache said. “The police strategy has worked. The increased arrests, identification of, and removal of the ringleaders intimidated the remaining Antifas.”

Strache also said that earlier in the afternoon, police had turned back a “bus with German rioters” and escorted them back to Munich. “Bus passengers from the Czech Republic were also turned back earlier in the afternoon due to their possession of dangerous objects (knives, firecrackers…), and the worst has been prevented, even though there has been some extreme excesses and acts of vandalism,” he continued.

“I wish the injured policemen a speedy and complete recovery. Although the police were continuously filmed and photographed by left-wing activists, there were also a great many journalists on the spot, so that there can now be no accusations against the police.”

The FPÖ leader added that the demonstration organizers should ask themselves “why a total of only 5,000 people” participated in the attack, even though it had been encouraged and incited over a period of months by various political parties, trade unions, the National Union of Students, the national Labor Union, etc., and partially subsidized buses had been provided from all over Austria and even from neighboring countries.”

Strache also compared the turnout at the Communist demonstration to that of the anti-Islamification protests in Dresden, organized by the Pegida movement. He pointed out that, despite massive state opposition, tens of thousands of people had peacefully marched through Dresden without a single violent incident. Even though Vienna is three times the size of Dresden, only 5,000 Communists gathered to launch their attack against the Akademiker Ball—an “indication of the lack of interest in their protests from the public,” he concluded.

A report by FPÖ television shows what the Communists were demonstrating against:

And this raw video footage shows the Communist mob:

In spite of the violence and mass arrests, the Social Democratic Party of Austria (Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs, SPÖ) leader in Vienna, Georg Niedermühlbichler, actually thanked the police for allowing “thousands of Viennese to take a peaceful stand against xenophobia and the right-wing.” The SPÖ is currently in an alliance with the Austrian People’s Party (Österreichische Volkspartei, ÖVP) to form the government.

At the last general election (2013), the three parties lined up as follows:

SPÖ: 1,258,605 votes, 26.82%, 52 seats in the Austrian parliament.

ÖVP: 1,125,876 votes, 23.99%, 47 seats in the Austrian parliament.

FPÖ: 958, 285 votes, 20.5%, 40 seats in the Austrian parliament.

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