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Comment by a German Nationalist

May 2016


A prominent ‘expert witness’ in the constitutional court case for banning the NPD, Prof. Steffen Kailitz, works for the Jewish in Dresden. Kailitz calls himself a ‘political scientist’ and wrote an article in Die Zeit claiming that the NPD would expel about 11 million racially alien people in order to ‘restore a pure national-social ethnic nation’. He also stated that the NPD wanted to create a ‘folkish dictatorship’.

Although the main goal of the NPD is to create a ethnic nation, which is parodied in the claims made by Kailitz, the party clearly states that any repatriation could only take place if a referendum supported this action. And in all published documents the NPD state that their procedures would have to be totally democratic, i.e a referendum based system.

When this article was published the NPD’s lawyer, Peter Richter, obtained an injunction at the district court of Dresden against the so-called ‘political scientist’ to never repeat his written claims.

Normally any such judicial applications/motions by the NPD are turned down immediately. But in this case only one day after the request was made, a judge ruled that the ‘political scientist’ had made ‘inaccurate factual assertions’ and if repeated them he would have to pay 250,000 euros or go to jail for six months. This verdict cannot be appealed.

The judge in this case, Dr. Jens Maier, is not only a member of the AfD, he is also part of the the AfD’s arbitration tribunal.

In order not to draw too much attention to the case there was no media hype. The president of the Dresden District Court said the ruling did not contain flaws, that it was totally in accordance with law.

it is interesting that even judges are members of the AfD. We knew of one prosecutor who is as a member and a military colonel – but judges … that’s new.

A trend?

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