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Statement, made by Professor Robert Faurisson

Following the death of Professor Robert Faurisson on 21 October 2018 this statement has been made public:

Extract of interview conducted by a supporter with Prof R.F. on the 30. September 1999:

Question: What is your opinion of the conflict between Adolf Hitler and the Jews ?

R.F.: The question is: Did the gas-chambers exist or not ? If they had existed then Hitler and the Germans in general would be downright criminals. On the other hand, if they did not exist then the Jews are downright liars, which means that the leaders of the Jews have peddled and spread for more than fifty years – and they continue to this day – a downright lie, an abominable lie, a horrible defamation, an atrocious calumny, from which they make a lot of money.

Suppose I am asked the question: “Monsieur Faurisson, are you anti-jewish (not anti-semitic, but anti-jewish)”, then to such a question fifty years ago, forty years ago, thirty years ago, twenty, ten and even two or three years ago, I would have replied, “No, I am not anti-jewish.” And now this 30. September 1999 I can tell you: I have become anti-jewish.

Yes, this is new; it is a question of experience. What have my experiences taught me regarding the Jews ? The heart of the matter is their allegation of the holocaust, their allegation of genocide, their allegation of the attempt [by Hitler and the Germans] to exterminate the Jews. When it comes to the subject of the holocaust, the Jews become stupid, they reason like idiots, quite unworthy of the intelligence that they possess. They base their arguments on incredible stupidities, and on incredible bad faith. They lie, they defend their lies to such a degree that I think of the character that Victor Hugo described in his play, ‘Marie Tudor’, the Jewish dealer, “Jew who speaks, mouth which lies.” As a whole, I find in the Jews, an aptitude to lie, a liking, a taste, an inclination to lie and a capacity to exploit the lie that would take your breath away.

I return to the subject of the conflict that Hitler had with the Jews, and being fully conscious of the gravity of what I have said for the first time in my life: I was not [formerly] anti-jewish, I have become anti-jewish. It little matters to me whether a Jew is totally anti-revisionist, or half, or whether he claims to be a revisionist, he will not enter my house; he is forbidden, no Jew has the right to enter my home. It does distress me to have to make a decision of this nature, but I am radical on this point. I have had enough of having to cry and to lament on behalf of people who have all the power in France, and who say, as Alain Finkielkraut wrote recently in ‘Le Monde’, “Ah, it is most pleasurable to be a Jew in France these days.” Yes, it is a most enjoyable to be a Jew in France these days, and it is equally pleasurable to be a Jew in Israel; oh, yes, there are the terrorist outrages but these come from a people held under the yoke for more than fifty years. One suffers if one does not accept the Jews’ own lying interpretation of the history of the Second World war. I am not going to weep for people who by one means or another, sometimes with hints and suggestions, and sometimes openly, demand money and more money as much from Germany and Austria as from all the other European countries, whether they were on the side of Germany and Austria or whether they were neutral or even against Germany. Money is demanded of Great Britain, the USA, the Baltic countries, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, and all under any pretext whatsoever.

Question: Was Hitler right to want to remove the Jews from Germany ?

R.F.: Yes, in war-time. Considering how these people behave, as a herd, as a [closed] community. Yes, I consider that one has the right to take measures against such a power. I find that quite normal. In war-time one is obliged to take such measures, because Hitler had every reason to believe that they were enemies, either declared as such or potentially so, and it did not make much difference whether they were German citizens or not. On sees them, all at once they join together, they demand, complain, protest, lament and bemoan. An incredible sight.

In conclusion, Hitler’s regime does not deserve to be horse-whipped, demonised to the end of all time. This is quite obvious. From the moment that one understands that the German people have not committed the crime of crimes then this people are not to be considered as having committed the crime of all crimes. That changes everything. The gas-chamber contrary to what some people say, the gas-chamber is not a detail of History but something capital.


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