Mike Walsh 21 March 2019

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MAINSTREAM MEDIA is notorious for (selectively) championing ethnic-minorities when peoples are discriminated against on account of their race. It seems however that media’s liberal-left scribblers overlooked one disadvantaged ethnic-minority. Could it be that media, which campaigns against racism is in truth the foulest racist group of all but anti-White so that racism doesn’t qualify?

These White South African families are so poor they are forced to live in slums similar to illegal shanty towns during the period of the country’s separate ethnic development, which media campaigned relentlessly against.

In fact, most Blacks during the apartheid (separate development) period were employed, housed, were educated and their health protected whilst faring a great deal better than do their counterparts today in ‘liberated Africa’.

At this ‘white squatter camp’, hundreds of families have no power, barely any food or water and must live in a poor shelter. Townships like this, which can be found all across the country, are a direct result of White poverty following media’s jubilation at the 1994 seizure of power by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC). Black good ~ White bad. Racism, anyone?

Under the far more stable and prosperous White governments, Afrikaners and most native Africans too were almost guaranteed employment, housing, and healthcare. South Africa was one of the world’s wealthiest nations and law-abiding too. But now, many Whites including Afrikaners, live in increasingly concerning conditions because of the dire economic circumstances the hapless Black regime has brought about.

Throughout South Africa, there is a lack of opportunity for Whites and Afrikaners, which has meant many have found themselves homeless and dirt poor. The exact number is believed up to 400,000 Afrikaners who now scrape an existence in White squatter camps scattered across South Africa. One looks in vain for any mention of this unfortunate ethnic-group by Britain’s self-styled anti-racist mainstream media

Almost 450,000 South African Whites live in poverty and are forced to survive on less than £28.99 a month. These pictures, which feature in culture magazine Union Magazine, published by a Black publishers, show the deprived white squatter camp Munsieville, near Johannesburg in South Africa. The township, one of 80 across South Africa, is built on the site of an old refuse dump and is home to around three hundred Afrikaners, of which a quarter are children.

At the site there is no electricity, no running water apart from a couple of standpipes, no secure structures and food is hard to come by. Residents at Munsieville are able to evade the law by building flimsy shelters with no foundations, as the government intervenes only when permanent structures are built. Homes range from wooden sheds to metal shacks built from boards of iron structures typically have bare earth floors and frequent flooding washes away the topsoil and leaves decades-old waste exposed.

Because residents do not have electricity or water bills, it makes it impossible to claim welfare from the authorities. Hospitals turn down ethnic-European camp residents in need of care and they often get rejected by potential employers at job interviews.

Henrik said: “My life is over, I’m 49 years old and I’m too old to get a job. I apply and as soon as they see my age, they say “sorry, you are too old”.

“I do what I can to survive, collecting scrap metal or selling second clothes, but it is barely enough. Some of the kids know the situation they are in. I don’t want to talk big about my kids but if I tell them there isn’t any money they accept it. But it is hard; I just want the best for them.”

Leigh Du Preez, a supporter of The Ethnic-European and who works for the South African Family Relief Project (SAFRP) charity, said those at the camp have little chance of finding a job. Leigh said: “As soon as they read your application and see you are from a White squatter camp, they turn you down. It’s very difficult to get a job if employers know you live in one.”

VIDEO: They Don’t Want You To Know What’s Happening In South Africa

Perhaps the activists of the Anti-Apartheid Movement might care to place their parliamentary glasses of port and cognac on one side to reflect on this oppressed ethnic-group. Maybe, just maybe one can expect ITV and BBC camera crews to descend on Black racist South Africa and demand an end to blatant anti-White discrimination and hate rhetoric? Then again, pigs might fly.


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