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Neutitschein on the Concept “New World Order”

By Richard W Neutitschein

Translated by J M Damon


In my previous article on the attack on Utoya and the concept of the New World Order  I briefly discussed that conspiracy’s goals and methods.

It is an omnipresent concept, although not as omnipresent today among those who introduced it in 1990 (George Bush Senior and close associates) as among its critics.

Since 1990 growing numbers of people have recognized and come to oppose the global reign of terror that has accompanied it.

 The originators of New World Order have not used the concept for some time now, since it “burned through” in the sense that the intent behind it is now clear and recognized for what it is.

The intent of global conquest, enslavement and race mixing is extensively discussed in numerous Internet blogs.

 Today the concept and directives of the New World Order are very well known among truth-seekers and popular researchers in the Internet, and the expression “NWO” has become very common.

It probably will not be long before the mere mention of “NWO” will bring forth accusations of “conspiracy theory” on the part of the Zionist-controlled mainstream media.

The reason why this has not already happened is that it has not been long since those who now want to ban the NWO concept are the very ones who introduced it as the semantic flagship of their agenda.

When they introduced it they believed they could easy ram it through, but they were deceiving themselves on this point, as it turned out.

 The accusation of “conspiracy theory” would surely fall back on the clique of international gangsters who formulated “NWO” if someone pointed out to them what their puppet George Bush Senior himself said in a historic speech that others had undoubtedly written and given him to read:


Under leadership of the USA, a new era was supposed to begin, according to “NWO”– an era that would be more peaceful and secure than any that ever existed.

 Such cynicism takes one’s breath away.

Today it is clear that our era is one in which the USA is inflicting a terror on the defenseless nations of the earth that is even more brutal than the terrors they have inflicted in the past.

Over and over again they have violated international law and destroyed hopes for freedom in new wars of aggression against innocent peoples.

Such is the New World Order created by the USA – not IN the USA of course, since they always commit mayhem somewhere else.

 An especially interesting question is: exactly when did “Papa” Bush deliver his infamous speech?

When did he, acting as a ventriloquist dummy for the real powers, announce the present agenda accompanied with the NWO catchwords?

That speech was presented to a joint session of the US Congress on the 11th of September 1990, precisely 11 years before “Nine Eleven”in 2001.

It marks the precise day and month on which the long-planned orchestration of the NWO agenda entered its decisive phase – the same agenda that had been announced 11 years earlier and introduced with the conspicuous name “New World Order…”

Such amazing abnormalities with unmistakable symbolism, like so many others that occurred in conjunction with the destruction of the World Trade Center on “9/11,” cannot possibly be mere co-incidence.

Nothing could make me believe such a thing!

And if I am faced with the choice of being included either among the “conspiracy theorists” or else among the most gullible fools the world has ever seen, who accept without question every fantastic lie our rulers put before us, then I choose to be included among the “conspiracy theorists.”

 Among rational observers the term “conspiracy theorists” logically applies to the US and its gangster rulers.

Their crime does not constitute a “theory” at all, since there is nothing theoretical about it.

It is an actual conspiracy, one that is completely real.

It is a conspiracy the USA is conducting against the whole world, targeting every country that is not part of its agenda, every country that has not been forced under its yoke to pull its wagon.

Today we are witnessing how the USA and Israel are attempting to overwhelm everyone who resists its agenda.

Let us combine the USA and Israel and call them “USrael” since they form a single entity.

USrael is attempting to conquer the world with perpetual war and a ceaseless flood of ever more exaggerated lies and falsehoods, slandering all who oppose them and depicting their opponents as demonic incorrigibles.

 USrael’s lies and falsehoods are synchronized, co-coordinated and correlated to the last comma, then broadcast worldwide by their professional propaganda specialists.

The mainstream media then broadcast these lies accompanied by concerted brainwashing that smothers all truth, brainwashing that is ceaselessly hammered into the head of everyone in the so-called “Western Democracies.”

Lie after lie after lie is heaped on the masses until they are no longer able to think clearly, unable to realize what absurd “BS” they have been told.

Of course there are always a few “uneducable” citizens who cannot be deceived.

For them, the voice of critical reason carries more weight than utterances by flunkies they know to be untrustworthy liars.

For these querulous troublemakers there are strict laws presenting the ultimatum of either ceasing to express their opinions or going to jail.

Such is our “democracy” in our anti German “Federal Republic of Germany.”

Today it is being tested on Germans as the model for everyone in tomorrow’s NWO.

What guinea pigs and white mice are for animal experiments in the pharmaceutical industry, the German people are for the test run of global dictatorship, as the so-called “Western Community of Values” is converted into an Orwellian Gulag for all mankind.

 Now I ask my readers to reflect on the matter and ask themselves whether they believe it is a recent development that the “Western Community of Values” has just recently begun using its gigantic propaganda machine and shameless falsifications against those who obstruct its path to world conquest?

The informed reader will observe that this is not the case.

The plutocratic “democratic” nations have done so for many years, especially against the Germany that existed between 1933 and 1945.

 This was precisely because Germany’s economic model 1933-45, with its rejection of usury, market speculation and the international gold standard, would have ruined the game of the international swindlers and dealmakers.

The “New World Order” was the sole reason for the war that was forced on Germany by these same forces; and if other countries had followed Germany’s example, it would have put an end once and for all to their worldwide depredations.

One would have to be a complete idiot to assume that these people are now telling the whole truth about the Germany that existed in 1933-45 and that they have only recently learned how to apply the arts of falsification and atrocity propaganda to serve their purposes.

 Nothing could be further from the truth!

Everything that we are told today about the Germany of 1933-45 is based on the same lies (or even worse lies) that the same people are telling us today.

If this were not so, we Germans would be allowed to discuss what happened in Germany during the years 1933-45.

The fact is that we are forbidden to discuss our history and the government has passed draconian laws to enforce its proscription.

For me this is proof enough that “something is rotten in the state of Germany,” because if the government were telling the truth, its version of history would not have to be protected by criminal law.

I am 68 years old, and all my life I have been able to express my ideas on the basis of truth and arguments.

I never had the desire to forbid someone to speak simply because that person held opposing opinions.

As a German in Germany I cannot do that anyway, since one has to be a non German in order to deny a German the right to express his opinions in his own country.

It is clear that in order to deny Germans their rights, one has to belong to a different nation and be a gangster among gangsters.

Only then does one have enough influence to subdue and humiliate the entire German nation and rob them of their freedom to such an extent that they can no longer express their historical opinions, what they believe and what they do not believe.

 I say it loudly and clearly: I do not believe the slanderous allegations of the New World Order!

Who will join me in this declaration?

I sincerely believe that if just one percent of Germans who do not believe the NWO propaganda could gather enough courage to openly declare their convictions, the game would quickly be up for the swindlers and war-makers.

This is bound to happen sometime, despite all the repressive efforts of the “Federal Republic of Germany.”

This so-called republic cannot seriously believe that they can indefinitely maintain through corruption and coercive and legislation, what cannot maintain itself through truthfulness.

When the New World Order falls, the vehemence with which the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction is going to be very great!

It is not intelligent of our power elite to forbid expressions of opinion… however, greed and reason have never gone together.

 Earlier in this article I wrote “…In those days as well, the real issue was already the New World Order.”

This was a reference to the war that was forced on Germany in 1939 by the same forces that want to drag the world into war again today.

These forces are relentlessly demanding war against everyone that stands between them, world domination and the New World Order.

 Now somebody is going to say that I am crazy and a “Conspiracy Theorist.”

But I am not crazy and I am not a conspiracy theorist!

I do, however, recognize the real conspiracy against all mankind by persons who consider themselves superior and “chosen.”

It is an actual conspiracy against nations and it did not begin in 2001, 1990, 1939 or 1914, but has been underway for much longer that that.

In the course of time the conspirators’ efforts have become more drastic and have now brought them within reach of their goal.

 I emphasize WITHIN REACH of their goal!

They have not yet seized it, and they will not be able to seize it.

At the last moment the nations will finally awake from their hypnotic trance that was induced by the massive lies that they have been fed.

They will unite against the common enemy and put an end to its monstrous schemes once and for all!

This will be a breakthrough to freedom, a release from the yoke of USrael that will be accomplished without weapons and violence.

It will be accomplished by true leaders from among the VOLK with nothing more than the spiritual power that comes from realization of the truth and unflinchingly calls obvious lies by their name.

One cannot overthrow with weapons a mendacious enemy that is bristling with weapons.

That enemy must be deposed with something he does not have and cannot resist: spirit and truth.

 The truth is clearly set out before us, we have only to open our eyes and acknowledge it.

The terrorist anti German regime that is ruling Germany today is displaying its weak point for all to see, advertising its deathly fear of freedom with the sort of circus barking one hears at county fairs.

Its desperate repressive measures make its anxieties known to all, so that it is clear where is the most vulnerable spot at which to deliver a fatal blow with the Sword of Truth.

The so-called “Federal Republic of Germany,” our little vassal state of the criminal empire USrael, makes it very clear that fear of the truth is its weakest and most vulnerable spot.

It is the deathly fear that the world will recognize its schemings and intrigues.

USraels Achilles Heel is this fear and subsequent hatred of everyone who tells the truth about this super criminal superpower.

 A German REICHSKANZLER did that very thing, some eighty years ago.

It is true: 51 years before Papa Bush’s announcement of the New World Order, someone saw through this grandiose plan as clearly as though it were glass.

He even called this global criminal enterprise by the exact same name as did Papa Bush: “New World Order.”

I am referring to Adolf Hitler’s speech before the REICHSTAG, which he made in response to Roosevelt’s demands on 28 April 1939.

This speech is available on the Internet under this title as a spoken document so that everyone can hear it for himself.

Everyone should listen to this speech!

[Posted on several Internet sites including Metapedia – Adolf Hitler’s 1939 Reichstag Speech

with English translation at Comicism.Tripod – Reichstag

 Here is the most relevant passage

“…It is fortunate that this Versailles (treaty) was set down in black and white for generations to come, for otherwise it would have been regarded in future as the grotesque product of a wild and corrupt imagination.

 Nearly 115,000,000 people were robbed of their right of self-determination, not by victorious soldiers, but by rabid politicians, and arbitrarily removed from their ancient communities and assigned to new ones without any consideration of blood, origin, economic realities or common sense.

The consequences were terrible

Although at that time the statesmen were able to destroy a great many things, there was one factor that could not be eliminated: this

huge mass of people living in Central Europe, crowded together in a confined space, can ensure its daily bread only by full employment and strict order.

 But what did these statesmen of the so-called democratic empires know about such problems?

A horde of utterly stupid ignoramuses was turned loose on humanity.

In areas in which 140 people per square kilometer have to gain a livelihood, they destroyed the order that had been built up over 2,000 years of historical development and they created disorder.

They themselves were completely incapable of and uninterested in solving the problems confronting the communal life of our people for whom, as dictators of THE NEW WORLD ORDER, they had assumed responsibility.

When this NEW WORLD ORDER turned out to be a catastrophe, however, the “democratic peace dictators,” American and European alike, were so cowardly that none of them dared take responsibility for what inevitably occurred.

Everyone blamed someone else in an attempt to save himself from the judgment of history.

 However, the people who had been mistreated by the hatred and unreason of the “democratic peace dictators” were not inclined to enable the escape of those who had harmed them.

It is impossible to enumerate all the stages of our own people’s sufferings.

Robbed of the whole of its colonial possessions, deprived of its liquid funds, plundered and impoverished by so-called “reparations,” our Volk was forced into the blackest period of its national misfortune.

And note well that it was not National Socialist Germany that was weak enough to trust even a single moment the promises of the “democratic” statesmen, but rather “democratic” Germany.”

 It would be interesting to know what Adolf Hitler would say today about the atrocious crimes of our present regime, which supports the domination of foreign interests over our deceived and betrayed German Volk.

This regime’s many faceted crimes are simply unbelievable.

If Hitler referred to the period of the so-called Weimar “democracy” as the most desolate period of our national misfortune, what would he say about our situation today?

 You will say that he had no way of knowing what would come next.

But was he really unable to know what would happen?

I feel certain that he did know.

He always knew, to the very end.

Otherwise he would not have said, referring to a later future and despite the total collapse in April 1945, “We (National Socialists) will still write the final chapter!”

 I believe him!

Richard Wilhelm von Neutitschein

Der Nonkonformist

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