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Popular Jewish journalist Micha Kat flees Holland

Puncture the gas chamber lie first, then the rest   – Bladur Blog

Rumors say that Micha Kat has fled Holland, where so called ‘holocaust denial’ is a punishable thought crime, and has taken up residency in Laos.

Micha Kat: Our society is in the proces of crashing, because its foundations have shown themselves to be completely rotten. One of these rotten foundations is the history surrounding the ‘Holocaust’. If we want to attack the system as a whole, we can do this best and most effectively by directing our efforts to this foundation, which is seen as the most ‘holy’ and the most ‘sacrosanct’. The Holocaust. Micha Kat: Our society is in the proces of crashing, because its foundations have shown themselves to be completely rotten. One of these rotten foundations is the history surrounding the ‘Holocaust’. If we want to attack the system as a whole, we can do this best and most effectively by directing our efforts to this foundation, which is seen as the most ‘holy’ and the most ‘sacrosanct’.

Micha Kat and the Holocaust Hoax (by Micha Kat) 

 This infamous holocaust lie must be exposed in order to also smash the other lies; the benevolent European Union, the life threatening ‘pandemics’, the saving of Greece ‘for your own good’, and the illusion of trustworthiness of the government and the main stream media..

My father had a Jewish mother, and my mother a Jewish father. A deadly cocktail; even if I officially [Halacha – Jewish law] am not Jewish, all my growing up and education was focussed on our Jewish identity, and especially on Israel, where my mother has lived for many years, and where much of her family still lives.


My father -the Jew- was completely passive in ‘Jewish matters’: his family was supposedly so traumatized during the war, that they had become entirely ‘geschmeist’, a Yiddish expression for Jews who after the war have renounced all ties with Jewry, and in many cases, but not in my father’s family’s case, even denied being Jewish.

My grandmother on my fathers side was a Lorje, descendant of a notable Amsterdam lineage of stationers [books – office supplies] the company was lost during the war, because the Nazis ‘had robbed it’, by imposing a ‘Verwalter’ [overseer].

My mother the Goy- [non-Jew] identified completely with Israel and spoke/speaks (my parents are still alive) Ivrit [Hebrew] fluently. She was a Manassen, descendent of one of the countries most distinguished families, named after one of the twelve Jewish tribes from The Old Testament.

Her father’s family were textile merchants, and owned the country’s most important button factory for fashion in the city of Nijkerk. Although my parents are both still alive, I have not had the slightest contact with them for more than ten years.

From the day I was born, they have not accepted me, never have they been willing to read an article or a book I have written, and they have never wanted to react to anything I have written or said. I always was ‘obstinate’.

I asked questions they did not want to answer, or to which they had no none, therefore everything I said or wrote as well as everything I did, was instantly ‘infected’ within the family, as it is now within the journalistic ‘family’. Why can there never be said anything negative about Israel?

Is everything so perfect there? Why do you always treat Jews more respectfully than non-Jews? How does this connect? Are you racists yourselves? Why does mom react so hysterically when I put a Palestinian scarf around my neck? Does she have something to cover up or hide? It got worse and worse…

The word ‘Jew’ could hardly be pronounced anymore at our dinner table. But it wasn’t because I had become pro Palestinian or anything like that. I just wanted answers to many questions. Especially questions about World War II. But I never got these answers. And even worse; year after year I was cheated and lied to.

I believe that the core of my journalistic drive and my uncompromising search for facts and the truth: that which I never got from my parents -facts- I fearlessly will continue to pursue the rest of my life, and I will find them.

This is supposed to be the ‘gas chamber’ in Auschwitz, where four million Jews supposedly were ‘gassed’ 2).In the video documentary made by David Cole, it is demonstrated, that this is a hoax, a constructed fraud. It is a bomb shelter where people could hide during the Allied’s arial bomb attacks.

There were all kinds of things being told about the war, but it happened in the form of statements. In our house there was a woman in hiding; Aunt Sally. Grandpa Manassen died of lung cancer during the war. Grandpa Kat was taken to the Amersfoort concentration camp, and walked back all the way on foot after the war ended.

Grandma Lorje’s brother, Uncle Ernie, was taken to a concentration camp and gassed! Pa Kat as a little Jewish boy, was hidden with Catholics in Overijssel [eastern province], and was passed off as a ‘Catholic Child’. Incredible stories, all of them. But there was something that was twisted. There was something that was very twisted indeed.

As a kid I couldn’t exactly put my finger at it, but now as an experienced journalist, I can: each lack of detail, of emotion, of real history, created great skepticism in me, already as a child. Why could we never see that farm, where my father supposedly had lived since the beginning of 1944?

What happened to ‘Aunt Sally’? Why did Grandpa Kat as a non-Jew suddenly have to go to Amersfoort right before the end of the war?

In which camp was Uncle Ernie gassed?

Get me right please: I don’t say that all these stories are 100% lies, but that there was ‘something which was twisted’. Strange. If even things like that are wrapped in such mystery, how then couldn’t it be with the big story; the Holocaust; the ‘planned industrialized extermination’ of European Jewry?

The most often published ‘Auschwitz photo’. Evidence for Holocaust and gas chambers? Just think about the comparable photo of the ‘Serbian concentration camp’ Omarska, which was spread by the NATO propaganda machine, and which is known to be a propaganda hoax.

As a child I read everything about the war. The five small volumes written by Lou de Jong on the occasion of a TV series at that point in time, I literally knew by heart. The books in my parent’s library contained numbers from standard works. But there was also something wrong there. Something which didn’t add up. I already had seen that through as a kid. It was all about the gas chambers.

Just as with the stories about the war from my parents, there was the same thing the matter here: the kind of the documentation was simply not convincing, and at some points there seemed to deliberate hoaxing in play – the enormous mountain of spectacles, of shoes, of cans with ‘Zyklon B’, and the photos of them, were explicitly presented as evidence for the existence of the gas chambers!                                                                                    

How many gas chambers were there?

But even more alarming, as a kid I found out that there was never any clarity as to how many gas chambers there were supposed to have been. Of course I knew all the names of all the concentration camps by heart, but in which of them were there gas chambers? Treblinka? Chelmo? Sobibor? Dachau? Stutthof? Neuengamme? Mauthausen?

Nobody knew. Nobody could tell me. Yes, in Auschwitz: there was the mother of all gas chambers! There four of the six million were gassed, after they had been lured into the gas chambers with a story about going to be disinfected. They were even given a towel and a piece of soap, but in stead of being disinfected; they were gassed and went into the ovens, four million people, after they first had handed over their glasses and shoes!

This I was told as a child by people who were supposed to know. Right?

But as a kid I felt; this story sucks. Meanwhile we now know, thanks to David Cole that there were no gas chambers, even in Auschwitz. The people who are supposed to know, admit it them selves! Want more prooof?

(Right) A terrible picture, but evidence for the existence of the gas chambers? Hundreds of thousands of Jews have perished in the camps from starvation, exaustion, and medical experiments because of the Nazis, but gas chambers never existed.

There were bizarre answers to my questions. Such as there not having been literal gas chambers in Treblinka and Chelmo, the Jews were gassed in the back of trucks where the exhaust was fed to the interior, while the Nazis pushed the accelerator, and then the Jews were gassed!

All that was told to me when I was a child, by people who were supposed to know. Dachau: supposedly there had been gas chambers there also, but they had to retract that right after the war. In how many places had Jews been gassed?

The answer never came, not from Ronnie ‘Auschwitz’ Naftaniel3) and not from Johannes ‘Dr. Clavan van de Holocaust’ Houwink Ten Cate, and not from Kustaw Bessems, because the only real answer is: zero, nada, nul!

And then there were these stories of ‘soap’ made of ‘Jewish fat’, and ‘lamp shades’ made of ‘Jew skin’, – all of them have been exiled to Realm of the Naftaniel-fables [local Foxman], by science, but it was just what I was told by people who should have known!

People: if there are parties which are able to invent such soap and lamp shades hoaxes, why wouldn’t the same parties then have invented all of the Holocaust Hoax?

Meanwhile it is still not clear here in the year 2011, in which camps there actually were gas chambers, and in which there weren’t.

For my part this says it all. It’s a lie all of it. And to complete the argument: there is no photo of the gas chambers, no evidence in the form of direct statements; nobody declared: I have opened so and so many cans of Zyklom B in this place at this time. The whole case sucks!

The Holocaust image in Yad Vashem in Israel, the Holocaust fetishists ‘Mecca’ and the core of the lei on which the failed state Israel is built: the ‘industrialized organized murder’ and ‘six million’ Jews, as part of a plan to exterminate all Jews on earth’.

But now comes the worst, and the most convincing argument for our point of view.

In 1992 David Cole came with his crushing documentary. In 1994 David Cole disappeared from the face of the earth, never to suraface again. It was the day after he had participated in a popular talk show, in which he managed to present his case in a convincing manner, and in which he called for a nation wide debate in the US about the character of the alleged ‘Holocaust’.

Judicial Terror                           

Right after that, in 1995, everywhere in the world laws were installed making denial of the Holocaust a crime, also in Holland, in the so called ‘Verbeke-Arrest’ from the Supreme Court in the Netherlands. So what happened was the opposite: in stead of a debate based on new facts about the Holocaust, some kind of judicial terror was introduced against anyone who dared to doubt the existing version was introduced!

Here are big interests in play, dear people. Diabolical interests.

The interests of Ronnie, and Kustaw, of the Rothschilds and of Israel, of murderers and racists who backed up by a completely falsified ‘moral claim’ – Holocaust- wishes to subordinate the rest of the world to the tyranny of those people, who according to their own defamatory pamphlets ‘are chosen by God’ to rule over the rest of the world. What is your answer to that?


1)    Must see for all who want to participate in the Holocaust debate: the Jew David Cole demonstrates in 1992 that there have been no gas chambers, and the Jew Yoav Shamir shows in 2009 how the Holocaust mafia uses lies to its own advantage and gains.

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  1. Bosgeus says:

    As a Dutchman, following the publications of this man, I can say, Micha Kat is a very great journalist in my country. Not said that I agree with the story above. Because the fact is, that Jews where murdered. The way it was done might be the issue here. Australian researcher Frank O’Collins also denies the gas chamber story, and claims that the Jews that where killed, where done so by being burned alive. Alternate stories are even more horrible than the official ones, I wonder why folks make such a point about it. Maybe some discovery will reveal it in the future.

    That this law against doing research into lies put into schoolbooks was created in 1995 is new to me. This sounds very hypocrite. Because if such a law applies to Holocaust research, it should have been installed in 1947 or around.

    At any case, I find Micha Kat’s publications on pedophilia in the Dutch government some what more important and interesting, than his research into Holocaust claims by historians or propagandists. The leaks about these child rapists facts open a can of worms, that will not be easy to close again.

    Many folks in Holland know about the lies by the politicians and media. Revealing how these politicians being compromised, explains very well how these lies by the puppets in the Dutch senate are kept in line. Many publication by Micha Kat reveal how the Dutch Media and Dutch courts perpetrate a cover-up, in exactly the same way that the Franklin Cover-up in the USA was set up. International human slave trade, satanic ritual abuse and the costumers of Marc Dutroux. Micha Kat has also done publication together with Belgian researchers into the Marc Dutroux Cover-up, the facts all getting very well documented.

    He is being attacked severely though by the pedophiles, that seem to have a lot of police officers in their ranks over here in Holland, just as in Belgium, and has been put in Jail also since the above article was published.

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