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Nazi hunters launch final search…

by Martin Fricker,15/12/2011

 NAZI hunters are organising one final swoop for the Third Reich’s remaining death camp guards and “mobile executioners”.

 Rewards were last night offered by Israel’s Simon Wiesenthal Centre for the capture and conviction of on-the-run exterminators. Its Operation Last Chance 2 will be formally launched in Germany next week.

 Director Efraim Zuroff said: “We will pay up to £21,000 a head for clues to survivors who worked in either the extermination camps or Action Squads.”

 The Action Squads, or einsatzgruppen, were responsible for the gun deaths of 1.5million Jews before the mass-murder camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka were built in occupied Poland.

 The Jerusalem-based Nazi hunters’ mission was boosted when a German court this year convicted SS volunteer John Demjanjuk, 91, over his role in the Second World War murders of nearly 29,000 Dutch Jews.

 The Ukrainian was jailed for five years for being a Sobibor death camp guard. His conviction was unique in German history, as no living witness saw him at the camp and there was no evidence he killed anyone.

 But Munich judges decided documents from the time proved he served in a place existing only to kill people as efficiently as possible and therefore he was an accessory to multiple murder.

 Mr Zuroff said: “Till the Demjanjuk verdict, we had to have evidence of a crime. Now we can say people were at places where Jews were murdered daily.” [No need to bother  boring old evidence – denunciation will do now – Ed of WD]

 The first Operation Last Chance in 2005 named 127 wanted war criminals, including Demjanjuk.

Source:- Mirror

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