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The White Race – The Great Right-Off

By Nick Grifford

It had been over six decades since our final chance for armed resistance against our enemy’s doctrine was trampled into the soft, fertile soil of Western and Central Europe.

 We, the few who are aware of our grim fate, must formulate a method of survival which can provide our posterity the means by which they can wrestle their destiny from this same enemy. We are in the eye of the storm; the destruction of Germany, and the will to stand against international money power, swirls in arterial red and funeral grey behind us while the future threatens us with a black and devastating wind bent on our utter annihilation. But in this brief respite for our people we find our men not scrambling for the windows and doorways with board, hammer and nail, but instead they skip with a suicidal frivolity that dumbfounds, and towards a doom more certain and more final than faced even Carthage. We find ourselves, therefore, in the unenviable position of the ancient tribes people who, upon the gradual realisation that they were distinctly different from their peers, broke free from the warm bosom of humanity and gradually ascended, both geographically and mentally, beyond the strata of sub-man. Our responsibility is clear and our resolve unquestionable but the synthesis, however, is opaque and disjointed. How can we, the last remaining descendants of a defeated and scattered force concoct a coherent and practical plan of action? This is the vital question that we must urgently consider and answer before the second torrent uproots us for all time.

Since the fratricidal war of 1939 – 1945, our people have suffered debasement after debasement and shame after shame. Quickly, and following the fall of Berlin, the capricious collection known as The Allies stamped their waxen seal on victory by formulating a farce beyond the measure of the mind of civilised men. The Nuremberg trials proved, however – and beyond a shadow of any doubt – one salient point: the victors may have won a war of flesh, steel and territory, but they had not forged a moral victory. These ‘show’ trials, preceded and superseded by similar shows of political brute force and cruelty in Soviet Russia, marked a new low in Western Man’s vacillating yet still honourable history. There was a distinctly un-Aryan direction to this vociferous puppet show and the stain on our people’s soul cannot easily be eradicated with time. The unsullied facts of the trials are covered at length by other publications but it will suffice here to extricate the outcome. A man; a people; a nation had dared to withstand a force which knows no boundaries and borders. This force, amorphous – at least during the era in question – and very powerful, unleashed all its vast networks of intelligence, persuasion and loan capital to assist in batting down the obstructive Teutonic upstarts. Following total victory, and unconditional surrender, this great force admonished as many prominent upstarts as it was able to capture alive and on the vile and abiding pretext that Thou Shalt Resist Us Under Pain of Death! That is the only fitting reward for attempting self-determination, the victors implied to the world, as they tortured and murdered their crippled cousins. The Allies were merely marionettes, however, blinded by duty and the chain of command. The real hangmen, whose nefarious goals were in almost complete antithesis to that of the Allies, are still at large today, long after the erosion of British, French and even American global power. The message sent by this malign super-national force still reverberates in our ears today and no one European or American authority or government now dares to resist. That must lead us to the conclusion that none in authority or government will aid us in our plight and they can therefore expect nothing less from us should the opportunity present itself. The force that oversaw the elaborate courtroom murders of our gallant brothers in Germany and the rape, fire bombing and mass starvation of millions of civilians are our enemies and any that provide them aid or comfort become so also.

It is ironic that Communist Russia and her conquered affiliates, once friends to the Allies, were suddenly exposed as villains for which the crowd must direct verbal scorn and hurl rotting fruit. This farce, however, contained a truism: Communism would be as disastrous for our people, as it had been throughout Europe, but we were not, oddly, on the opposing side. National Socialism, the true bastion against Communist aggression, had very recently been dramatically and publically castrated and now Democratic Capitalism would preside over the corpse and represent the final solution to the Red threat. These seemingly incompatible ideologies, facing off across the iron curtain, were not polar opposites they were in fact blood relations. Communism’s emphasis on ‘equality through actual genocide’ was complimented by Democracy’s less formal, but no less potent, ‘equality through usury’. Communist’s Bolshevik elites possess the more sticks, but Democracy’s industrialists and financial master minds employ their poisoned carrot of debt with much the same destructive result. Decades of bluff and bluster ensued; a special choreography innovated to convince both spheres of proletariat – one enslaved by the chain, the other by their fiat currency (or gold, if they were lucky sheep) – that Armageddon was inevitable. This distraction served its purpose, and so did Communism. It was decided that Democratic Capitalism was by far the more palatable means of control and would more easily facilitate international usury to flourish, as an undiagnosed disease, across the globe. Super Internal Capitalism, the true face of the force that fainted opposition to Communism, began to exercise political control over sovereign governments as lending (at interest) to these institutions created a situation where the sum of the wealth of any given nation did not surpass, or even equal, the credit borrowed from central banks. The currency of a nation, now materialised as a commodity, had become more important than the people who were reduced to the level of serfs and whose income taxes and death duties would fuel morbid government debts.

During the period: Communism Vs. Capitalism, the West endured an enforced social revolution which saw the majority, baffled by events beyond their comprehension, willingly hand over political power to nefarious and destructive minority groups. One such group, whose agenda appeared disturbingly close to the expressed goals of the Communists (indeed, they had founded, facilitated, financed and fought for this despicable system of white genocide), were the Jews. The Jews have since penetrated and secreted themselves into every avenue of our existence, but particularly our governments and news and entertainment media. It would be exhausting to elaborate on this Jewish Problem here but I believe I can sum it up simply and with little rhetoric: The Jews wish to control the world and the nations that white people currently govern. In order to usurp the might of the West, the Jews must destroy the white nations genetically. The Jews, and their hate-filled and traitorous, hedonistic allies, have thus far succeeded in convincing most (if not all) white nations to accept mass non-white immigration, miscegenation and low white birth rates to their own detriment. Projecting the Jewish plans into the future it is clear that they are determined to destroy the white race forever.

With the bogeyman of Communism having mysteriously and unceremoniously disappeared, the Western World, united by debt, democracy and anti-nationalist totalitarianism, bent its collective will upon an incompatible resurgence in the Middle East. The devotees of a monotheistic religion known as Islam, being diametrically opposed to usury and affronted by a radical group of usurpers who exert an obvious influence on the world’s latest superpower, the U.S.A., were collectively cast as lead protagonists in the next act of the political play. This is not to say that Muslims, primarily Middle Eastern, do not rank amongst our racial enemies, but since Charles ‘The Hammer’ Martell’s finally halted the racial genocide of our people in AD 732, Islam has been no more a threat to our kind than any other non-white movement. To future military historians, if there are any that share our unique genes, the madness of allowing so many Muslims, of all castes, to settle in our land before, during, and after we declare war on their kinsfolk in foreign lands, must seem unbelievable. The fact that we fail to even intern members of a people whose countries we have actively engaged in battle would make military leaders from across the globe cringe and reach for the revolver concealed within the leather-trimmed mahogany desk.

Propping up this enormous and treasonous pantomime are the atomised masses that are cynically referred to by their racial enemies as Democratic Consumers. This voting bloc has been forced, by external pressures – such as the destruction of their industries, taxation and debt – into four distinct social groups. The Benefit class, or the worthless underclass of high-breeding, Low IQ humans, to who interbreeding with those bipeds of a darker complexion is a life-style choice. The Working class, or the Lower Slave class, whose numbers are heavily laden with non-white pseudo-slaves and who will eventually be squeezed into the upper or lower collections of society as the industrial collapse of our nations reaches a conclusion. The Middle class, or the majority of the white race to who comfort is of paramount importance. The Middle class are bonded into lifetime debt by mortgages and are sent out to work until their bodies and minds can endure no more whilst the institutions that they support financially drain every last drop of income from them via complicated systems of taxation. And the Upper class, or the group of successful (mostly through business practices, that Jews would favour of, or through inheretance) individuals who appear not to concern themselves with which way our civilisation totters so as long as they can enjoy long holidays in blistering foreign countries. This then is the white race as we know it. It is into this diverse mob that we invest an intelligence that does not seem to exist. We strongly believe that if only we could provide them with the information that has been long suppressed that they will wake up and throw off the chains of oppression. There are a few, a tiny minority, who still display an hereditary courage, a will to survive and a pride in their past racial achievements and they can be found in any of the above classes, but more commonly within the Working and Middle stratas. Unfortunately however, the larger part of our people is steadily headed toward the genetic abattoir and no external stimuli will alter the course of this suicidal organism.

So what can we do to counter the destruction of our race? Do we step up our democratic posturing and flagellate ourselves in front of our uncaring brethren with more exuberance? It has not been successful up until now so why should it be successful in future? The answer to that may become more evident as the conditions of life for the average white family unravels and they experience ever more difficulties, and as living standards equalise across the globe still further. But why should we, the men and women who completely comprehend our place in the present and strive for a brighter future for our race be dragged through the filth with the child-like entities known as the Democratic Consumers? I believe we need to collectively steer away from the doomed herd and begin building an alternative. Our new tribe is now palpably different and distinct from the old; our reasoning, our objectives and our lifestyles are as abhorrent to them as they are to our racial enemies. Cro-Magnon man laid the groundwork for our greatness and Homo-Sapien man has, it seems, had his day in the sun. He no longer displays the will or the wish to survive or further his own kind. If that is the case then we must cut our last remaining ties with the evolutionary dead end that is modern man and begin our journey towards Homo-Superior, the next stage in the Continuum that will represent the highest form of existence on this lonely ball of magnetised rock.

Source:-  http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t850405/

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