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The curious on-going case into the death of Gareth Williams

 Published: May 3rd 2012 – 

 There are many things about the investigation into the death of Gareth Williams that leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

The apparent murder of an MI6/GCHQ worker in such bizarre circumstances is always going to invite comment and speculation.

But it’s fair to say that the leaks to the press alleging that Williams was either gay, a transvestite or had come to a sticky end at the hands of al-Qaida, all emanating from uncertain sources were little short of smears.

 The Met were only able to take statements from MI6 officers that were then “anonymised” afterwards, making the process a travesty.

 The inquest itself was delayed for over a year, yet this seemingly didn’t allow the time for a detective from outside SO15 to be vetted and conduct the interviews again. When it did finally take place, the MI6 challenged every decision made towards openness, demanded anonymity and claimed “national security” would be endangered if almost anything approaching “sensitive” material was discussed in open court.

 Most shocking of all is that MI6 didn’t investigate why Williams hadn’t turned up for work until 8 days after he was last seen. This was according to MI6 a simple error by his line manager, and yet it seems astonishing that an officer of any of the security services can vanish for days without anyone attempting to make contact with them.

 The police for their part still seem to be focused on the idea that his death his down to his private life, although the coroner appears to have dismissed this.

 Despite the likes of Mark Urban repeating myths that he was interested in claustrophilia, his internet use seems to have been minor, and his slight interest in bondage websites may well have been down to specific training he was about to undergo at MI6, something else they have declined to comment on.

 If he was secretly gay, or interested in dressing up in women’s clothes, then there seems to be no evidence that he indulged in either with partners, and no one has come forward to say they were involved with him when you would have expected they may have done.

 Despite the coroner also saying there’s no evidence that his death was connected to his work, which rather suggests that we’re no further than when the investigation began.

 It seems remarkable there’s been so little comment on how the heating had been turned up in the flat, in spite of how it was August, likewise that there were no fingerprints in the bathroom near to the bath as you would expect.

 All of this suggests that this wasn’t someone panicking at a sex game that went wrong, but as Williams’s family suspects, something far more sinister. It’s difficult not to think that MI6 knows exactly what happened to Gareth Williams, but they have no intention of letting anyone else know.

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